Employee Training System

CablesOne firmly believes in on-going training and technology refreshers, so as to keep employees skills up to date in terms of design and project implementation. Employees are mandated to attend the FOA certification training courses as well as other relevant courses.

Working in tandem with technology manufacturers such as Nexan, CablesOne constantly provides employees with updated technology roadmaps, presentations and related sessions so as to keep their skillsets relevant.

Courses and workshops for labeling systems standards such as EIA-606A are organized by the Company periodically and provide ample opportunities for knowledge transfer among project team members. This ensures employees keep ahead in the standards landscape which continues to evolve. CablesOne puts time and effort into organizing additional training courses in conjunction with technology vendors e.g. Testing & Commissioning procedures and best practices, using the latest OTDR/Power Meter equipment. This enhances employee trouble-shooting skills, enabling rapid on-site resolution of fiber related issues.

The Company recognises the pace of technological evolution and has factored in regular training sessions for employees to familiarise themselves with and have a deeper understanding of newer technologies such as CAT6A, CAT7A and new connector types as well as new cabling systems.

The objective of all update and training opportunities provided by CablesOne for employees is to ensure that they are able to serve our customers based on a thorough understanding of today’s technologies and to enhance customer satisfaction.