CablesOne commits to providing clarity and the best direction for our customers in the rapidly changing world of technology. We founded our company on the principle that good is not good enough. Our mission is 'to be the best that we can' focusing on end results that will positively and directly impact your business. We believe in the simple notion: set the vision, establish a direction that adheres to sound business principles and then communicate effectively as we implement our solutions methodically. This is the foundation that CablesOne has been built on over the past eight years.


CablesOne business direction is aimed at establishing a comprehensive set of equipment and the essential tools to reduce the human workload, thus conserving energy, promoting efficiency and being more competitive. Rapidly changing technology will necessitate increased efficiency in delivering products and solutions to our customers. Maximising our human resources, being competitive and staying ahead of technology developments will allow CablesOne to deliver cost effective solutions.


Strong Marketing Planning is one of our core strategies so as to be of benefit to all of our customers regardless of market segmentation. CablesOne provide 'Value Pricing' for two categories, which are Education and Non-Profit organisations respectively. At CablesOne, we understand the investment in knowledge and philosophy of these organisations, which allows them to contribute to society in a wider context. We want to play our part in ensuring that our products and services reach these segments through competitive and value pricing so that they can continue to contribute to society in positive and beneficial ways.


With 8 years of experience, CablesOne established "Research and Development" team to provide the customer with "No Trouble" on the products installation.
CablesOne has custom made plenty of products to support client with solving the project installation issue. 3D CAD software and 3D printer is our important tools, We design, We mould it and manufacture the custom products.


CablesOne believes in the principle of simplifying the business process wherever possible. Troubleshooting and reducing unnecessary administrative and project processes serve to expedite and increase the efficiency of our workflow. To achieve simple business processes and efficient workflow, CablesOne makes use of Cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software combined with mobility technology. This system of business management means that all employees are able to access our business process via the Internet 'anywhere and anytime'.

Tech-Talk Glossary

Acronyms used on this website
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
TIA/EIA - Set of telecommunications standards from the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and Engineering Industries Association (EIA)
RTPM - Registered Telecommunications Project Manager
BICSI - Building Industry Consulting Service International
FOA - Fiber Optic Association
ITU-T - International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector