Cable Verification Test Equipment

The purpose of field testing is to validate the performance of an installation against the minimum performance requirements of the national and international Standards. Testing is a requirement from the Standards and is part of the documentation set handed over to the End-User.

The testing methodology requested by the end-user and the measurement requirements to obtain a cable Warranty might be different.

Network Cabling System provides freely downloadable Field Testing Procedure documents allowing you to qualify the newly installed system against the guaranteed minimum performance as listed in our Warranty Modules.

These documents serve to describe how to test cabling systems and to validate the installation against the international standards ISO/IEC 11801, CENELEC EN 50173 and EIA/TIA 568.

If testing produces errors or failures in the results, the information gathered should be used to identify the source of the problem in a way that the installer can rectify and re-test the links.

All test equipment must be calibrated yearly if used for Warranty certification testing.

Below are the Certified Cable Testers for Copper which CablesOne has been used more than 5 Years.

1. Fluke DTX-1800 Cable Analyzer
2. Psiber Data WireXpert 4500

Note: For Testing up to CAT7A 45G will required Psiber Data WireXpert 4500 with GG45 Test Module