Fiber Optic Audio Tracing

Fiber Optic Audio Cable Tracing is carried out using an instrument known as an Audio Fiber Optic Tracer which is designed for fiber optic technicians who need a portable, battery operated, easy to use instrument for tracing and identifying fiber optic patch cords and cables in the manhole. With its unique patented technology, the Audio Fiber Optic Tracer produces audio and visual signals that technicians recognise when they tap the target fiber or cable.

The Audio Fiber Optic Tracer has a wide dynamic range with zero dead-zones and also works on the new generation of bend-insensitive fiber, something difficult or impossible to do with conventional visual fiber identifiers or OTDRs. These features make the whole process of Audio Cable Tracing extremely useful when troubleshooting and maintaining LANs of medium-to-large premises. CablesOne is a capable service provider when customers want to trace fiber optic cables at outside plant environments or at customer premises. The Audio Fiber Optic Tracer is an essential test instrument for network management and Outside Plant (OSP) maintenance.